Why Choose Liquid Roof Coatings Instead of Traditional EPDM Rubber?



When choosing a roof coating, there are a bunch of factors you need to consider. The purpose of this blog is to show you why you should seriously consider a liquid EPDM roof coating.

First and foremost, there are no seams. The coating is a liquid and is applied seamlessly. As the product is sprayed, it spreads over the rooftop, melting seamlessly without imperfections such as joints and cracks. It also does not chalk after several years, which is an issue with sheet EPDM. The temperature this product can endure ranges from -40f to over 300f and you can also apply it 3 times the thickness of a sheet – outperforming other roof options by four times. Not only does it lower roof maintenance and extend roof life – it is also environmentally friendly!

Liquid EPDM can be applied to virtually any type of surface, shape or protrusion. It is waterproof immediately upon application and is applied in only one coat. You do not even need to prime your surface, saving on time and money. There is no removal, no need to tear of any pre-existing materials. No need for costly debris removal and disposal fees.

When you add up the cost for other systems that require primers/multiple coats, you can easily exceed the cost of liquid EPDM Rubber. Not to mention, you will have a product that is not as good as liquid EPDM! Due to its ability to set quickly, the construction time is reduced even further since it can be applied in more inclement weather.

Installation is quick and painless, and way quieter than other options. No drills, no saws, no nails and no hammering! There are no odors either, as the product has ZERO VOC’s – meaning you can run your business throughout installation without worrying about any disturbances.