Why is Choosing a Commercial Painter Better than a Residential Painter?

Sullivan Commercial Painting

If you are looking for someone to paint your home, a residential painter would be an excellent choice. But if you’re looking to paint a commercial space, a commercial painting company would be your best bet.  But why?


Number of Workers

Commercial painting companies have a greater number of painters, meaning they will have the power to assign an adequate number of painters to your job – getting it done on schedule and to a high quality. They also have dedicated Project Managers. Residential painters tend to have smaller teams.

Paint Quantity and Equipment

Large commercial spaces will require vast amounts of paint – commercial painting contractors have access to large amounts of material through close relationships with large paint suppliers . They also have the specialized equipment needed to do the job. Residential painters may lack the knowledge and expertise with the materials needed for commercial properties.


Typically, commercial painters have more experience than residential painters. It takes a great deal of skill and experience to paint commercial properties, and to work as part of a painting team. To run equipment, understand the workings of a business, be up the the task of specialized painting and other tasks.

Schedule Availability

Commercial painters are used to working nights and weekends, off hours work is required frequently due to sensitive businesses and operating hours. Residential painters tend to work normal hours.

Range of Services

Most commercial companies are able to offer more services, as they have more specialties such as liquid EPDM roof coatings, sandblasting, electrostatic painting, repairs, etc. Residential services usually consist of regular painting only. Why hire two services when you can hire one?


Industrial and/or commercial spaces often have set government regulations, due to the nature of the business. Commercial painters are efficient and aware of these regulations and have the training and qualifications necessary to keep them safe.